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History of Athletic Training at Colgate

The History of Sports Medicine at Colgate University is a direct parallel to the history of the profession of athletic training. The early years were characterized by hard working, self-taught men who truly practiced the philosophy of "laying on the hands". The middle years saw the introduction of professionally trained personnel and new technologies. Today's program is characterized by highly-trained curriculum graduates utilizing state of the art equipment and techniques. Jack Rourke arrived at Colgate in 1910, and was a mainstay of the athletic staff for over forty years. As a football coach, track coach, and athletic trainer, Jack registered a permanent impression in Colgate athletic history with his Irish wit and a deep personal understanding of what his athletes were experiencing.

Lew Williams appeared on the Colgate scene in 1949 as Colgate's first officially designated athletic trainer. Having received his initial sports medicine training from the legendary Jack Kavanaugh at Cornell, Lew brought a unique and effective manner of care to the athletes at Colgate. John Hubbard, a student athletic trainer with Lew in the late 1960's and former Colgate University Photographer, penned the following soon after Lew's death in 1996. "Lew Williams was the best teacher I had at Colgate; for that matter, he's the best boss I ever had. Lew was an old-fashioned trainer. While he never prescribed spitting on an injury, his love was tough love.

There was pain to play through, and pain that got Lew's attention. It was then, in those scary moments when a ligament was ripped or a bell was rung, Lew was the best, his calm was reassuring, his knowledge far-reaching, his word law. If he said a kid couldn't play, no coach would challenge his decision. When Lew felt it was time to return to action, a player could step over the line with a sense of confidence."

Lew Williams' retirement in 1971 and the start of women's intercollegiate athletics with Colgate becoming coeducational created the need for an athletic trainer who was ready to take the program to the next level. Jim Rogers, educated at Temple University and schooled by great names in the business like Joe Torg and Ted Quedenfeld, was chosen to head up the program. Though his stay at Colgate was only three short years, Jimmy reorganized the program into a well-administered system of coverage and care, expanded the student trainer program, and created one additional staff position to meet the ever-expanding needs of a rapidly growing intercollegiate sports program.

From L to R:  Jon Sager, Dr. John Stauffer, Jim Richards, Jim Rogers,
Bill Prescott, Al Fenton, Marty Erb, and Jack Braaten

Marty Erb became Colgate's Head Athletic Trainer in 1975 after serving as assistant trainer for two years. After completing 35 years of service at Colgate, Marty retired in the spring of 2008.  Marty played a key role in expanding the professional staff to six positions (four full time, two intern) and in coordinating a facilities renovation that resulted in the Geyer-Campbell Sports Medicine Center.  Marty touched the lives of countless student-athletes in his time in Hamilton.  He worked with every sport sponsored by Colgate, and will be remembered fondly by all those he helped back from injury.  He was an excellent teacher.  Injuries were never just a sprain.  Marty made sure that the student understood exactly what was going on, how it would be treated and how long they could expect to be out of action.  His exuberance and vigor for the profession of Athletic Training was evident right up until retirement.  He inspired the students and other Athletic Trainers with whom he worked. 

In the fall of 2007 Marty become the first non-athlete, coach or administrator to be enshrined in the Athletic Hall of Honor.  Colgate honored Marty with the title Athletic Trainer Emeritus at the University's commencement in 2008.  Several years before he was awarded the Maroon Citation, one of Colgate's highest honors and in the spring of 2008 the Florence Felton French Prize for Inspirational Teaching was also bestowed upon Marty.  To demonstrate what he has meant to the state and the profession of Athletic Training, Marty was an easy choice for inclusion into the New York State Athletic Trainers' Association Hall of Fame.

Marty now calls Holly Springs, North Carolina home.

After Marty's retirement, Steve Chouinard, now in his 17th year at Colgate, was named Assistant Director of Athletics for Medical Services.  Steve is responsible for administrating the sports medicine program and attempting to fill Marty's very big "shoes".  

Many other athletic trainers have also made significant contributions to the Colgate Sports Medicine program, and justifiably share in the success of the program.

Name Position with Colgate Currently (or at least, last known occupation/location)
Maureen Alonzo Athletic Trainer Intern 1998-99 Registered Dietician, North Adams, Massachusetts
Brooke Andrews Athletic Trainer Intern 2001-02 Physician Assistant, Manchester, New Hampshire
Stacie (Kleinhen) Barlow Assistant Athletic Trainer 1993-96  
Stacy Billman Athletic Trainer Intern 1998-99  
Bridget (Bokovitz) Salvador Assistant Athletic Trainer 1996-99 Adjunct Professor, Boston University
Charlie Cady Assistant Athletic Trainer 1974-1996  
Steve Chouinard Assistant Athletic Trainer 1996-2000
Associate Athletic Trainer 2000-2005
Head Athletic Trainer 2005-2008
Assistant AD for Medical Services 2008-present
Colgate University
Valarie Ciotti Athletic Trainer Intern 2000-2001 Athletic Trainer, Fulton High School, Fulton, NY
Adam Clemens Athletic Trainer Intern 1997-1998 Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of Louisville
Michelle Collins Athletic Trainer Intern 1996  
Heather Corey Assistant Athletic Trainer 2007-present Colgate University
Leslie Cowen Assistant Athletic Trainer 2008-present Colgate University
Andrea Davis Athletic Trainer Intern 1999-2000 Associate Underwriter, Standard Insurance, Portland, ME
Garrett Dean Athletic Trainer Intern 1996-1997  
Carrie Ditzler Athletic Trainer Intern 2002-03  
Marty Erb Assistant Athletic Trainer 1973-1975
Head Athletic Trainer 1975-2005
Coordinator of Sports Medicine Services 2005-2008
Retired, Holly Springs, NC (playing obscene amounts of well-deserved golf)
Cynthia Grant Athletic Trainer Intern 1996-1997  
Chris Hagemann Athletic Trainer Intern 2004-2005 Assistant Athletic Trainer, Davidson College
Claire Haslam Athletic Trainer Intern 2003-2004 Staff Athletic Trainer, North Carolina School of the Arts
Julie Hildebrand Assistant Athletic Trainer 1991-1993  
Hank Hirsch Assistant Athletic Trainer 2008-2009 Medical School, Temple University
Linda Hoisington Assistant Athletic Trainer 1987-1989 Assistant Athletic Trainer, Cornell University
Kristen Hyer Athletic Trainer Intern 2007-2008 Medical Assistant, Upstate Bone and Joint Center, Syracuse, NY
Kara Kent Athletic Trainer Intern 2003-2004  
Kristin Lindberg Assistant Athletic Trainer 2008-2010 Assistant Athletic Trainer, Cambridge Medical Center/Cambridge-Isanti High School, Minneapolis, MN
Chris Lyver Assistant Athletic Trainer 2011-2012  
Maura McCarthy Assistant Athletic Trainer 1989-1991 Massachusetts State Police Officer
Ashley Miller Athletic Trainer Intern 2007-2008  
Chuck Monteith Athletic Trainer Intern 2002-2003
Assistant Athletic Trainer 2005-2010
Associate Athletic Trainer 2010-present
Colgate University
Yosuke Murashima Assistant Athletic Trainer 2009-2011 Professional Volleyball Athletic Trainer/Strength Coach, Osaka, Japan
Anne Nuthall Assistant Athletic Trainer 2011-2012 Assistant Athletic Trainer, Randolph-Macon College
Linnea O'Mara Athletic Trainer Intern 2006-2007 Teacher, Immokalee, FL
Janine Osterman Athletic Trainer Intern 1999-2000 Assistant Athletic Trainer, Norwich University
Jeanna Polanchek Assistant Athletic Trainer 1984 Clinical Assistant, Wareham Orthopedic Associates, Wareham, MA
Jimmy Prueter Athletic Trainer Intern 2006-2007 Medical Student, Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Kate Rasmussen Athletic Trainer Intern 2001-2002  
Karen Roth Assistant Athletic Trainer 2010-2011 Head Athletic Trainer, Crown College, St. Bonifacius, MN
Maureen Smyth Athletic Trainer Intern 2000-2001  
Jackie Upton Assistant Athletic Trainer 2000-2005 Physician's Assistant, San Diego, CA
Erin Vickers Athletic Trainer Intern 1997-1998  
Heather Ward Assistant Athletic Trainer 2001-2006  
Josie White Athletic Trainer Intern 2004-2006 Assistant Athletic Trainer, University of Denver
Alyssa (Winter) Barnes Assistant Athletic Trainer 1999-2000  
Lacy (Yager) Gunn Athletic Trainer Intern 2005-2006 Athletic Trainer/Physician Extender, RSM Medical Associates

* As of the 2008-09 the title of "Athletic Trainer Intern" was changed to Assistant Athletic Trainer