Diagenesis of siliciclastic sediment:


Why is increasing temperature during burial diagenesis such an important factor in chemical diagenetic processes?

What is the difference in behavior of sand vs. mud during burial compaction?

How do porosity and permeability change during burial diagenesis?

How does early cementation influence subsequent burial diagenesis?

How does the composition of fluids change during burial diagenesis?

What is the role of clay mineral transformation during diagenesis?

What influence does organic material have on the chemistry of diagenetic fluids?

What are the most abundant cements in sandstones?  Where do the chemical components come from to make these cements?

How are fluid inclusions and stable isotopes used to study diagenetic temperatures and pore water compositions?

Key Terms:

cement, matrix, authigenic, detrital, overgrowth, syntaxial, epitaxial,

pressure solution, stylolite, recrystallization, neomorphic

lithostatic, hydrostatic, overpressure