Online Open House Application


Multicultural Open House
October 21 - 22, 2012

A visit to Colgate will help you get to know us and have your important questions answered. Students who attend the Open House fully participate in all of the activities this is the best way to see if Colgate is right for you. This application helps us select students who will take full advantage of their campus visit. We encourage you to share as much information with us as you would like.

This application is required and must be received by October 5. You will be notified via e-mail by October 12. Space is limited. We will review applications on a rolling basis, so it is possible to receive earlier notification by submitting your application before the deadline.

A. Personal data    
First name:    
Last name:    
Preferred name:    
Gender: Male   Female    
Mailing address:    
City:   State    
Zip code:           
E-mail address:    

(This e-mail address will be used for event confirmation and future correspondence.)

Home phone:                     
Cell phone:    
Parent/guardian name:    
Parent/guardian phone:           
Parent/guardian e-mail:    
Name of emergency contact:
Phone number for emergency contact:

(This contact must be reachable for the duration of your stay on campus.)

Are you a U.S. citizen or permanent resident? Yes   No    
B. Ethnicity (optional)      
Are you Hispanic/Latino (including Spain) Yes   No    
       If yes, please describe  your background:      

Regardless of your answer to the prior question, please indicate you how identify yourself. (Check all that apply.)

        American Indian or Alaska Native
            (if you are enrolled, please enter Tribal Enrollment Number)
        Asian (including Indian subcontinent and Philippines)    
        Black or African American (including African and Caribbean)    
        Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander    
        White (including Middle Eastern)    
C. Family information    
Parent 1:  Mother    Father    Unknown    
Country of birth:      
College (if any): Year of graduation      
Graduate school (if any): Year of graduation      
Parent 2:  Mother    Father    Unknown    
Country of birth:    
College (if any): Year of graduation      
Graduate school (if any): Year of graduation      
Will your parent(s)/guardian(s) be accompanying you on this trip? Yes No    
If yes, please list their first and last name(s) here:    
(Please note: We are not able to provide accommodations in the residence halls for parents/guardians accompanying students to the Open House. However, we are happy to assist parents/guardians with overnight accommodations. Please contact our office.)       
D. High school information
Counselor's name:
Counselor's e-mail:
High school:
High school address:
Phone number:
Fax number:
High school graduation year:      
(Please note: We are only able to invite students who are seniors in high school to the Multicultural Open House.)    
If you receive college counseling or assistance with your application process from a community-based organization (such as Upward Bound, Prep for Prep, etc.), please specify:             
E. Transcript and SAT/ACT scores (required):

Please have your guidance or college counselor fax or mail a copy of your transcript and test scores to:

315-228-7544 (fax) or

Multicultural Open House

Colgate University

Office of Admission

13 Oak Drive 

Hamilton, NY 13346 

Please provide your highest score for each section of the SAT, and/or your highest composite ACT score in the space below.
Critical Reading SAT         Math SAT        ACT Composite 
F. Academic interests:
Please check the box that best describes your academic interests. You can check all three boxes if you are unsure. If accepted to attend the Open House this information will allow us to effectively place you in a class that would be of interest to you during your campus visit.
Social sciences    Humanities     Natural sciences and mathematics
G. Please list 3 of your primary activities and honors in order of their interest to you:
H. Short answer, 200 words or less (required):
What aspect of college are you looking forward to most?
I. Source of Interest:  
How did you hear about Colgate?  
How did you hear about the Multicultral Open House?  
J. Transportation:
We have several ways to assist you in getting to and from campus. Please indicate your preference below.

From New York Metro area:

We have reserved seats on a bus that will take students and parents to Colgate the morning of October 21 and return to New York City the evening of October 22. Would you like to have a seat reserved for you?  Yes    No
If yes, will your parent(s)/guardian(s) ride the bus with you?   Yes    No

If yes, how many people in addition to you will ride the bus?     

From Syracuse area:

Do you intend to ride the provided van, departing from Shoppingtown Mall, the afternoon of October 21 and returning the afternoon of October 22?  Yes    No
If yes, will your parent(s)/guardian(s) ride the van with you?   Yes    No
If yes, how many people in addition to you will ride the van?     
Colgate will sponsor a shuttle to and from the Syracuse airport for anyone traveling by air.
Colgate will provide travel assistance to students who demonstrate a need. Would you like someone to contact you to discuss travel assistance?  Yes    No


Please contact the Office of Admission with any questions at 315-228-7401 or