Tony Blair, former prime minister of Britain, delivers a lecture to about 4,500 people in Sanford Field House.

Date: 10/2009

Colgate University professor R.M. Douglas discusses his new book
R.M. Douglas, Associate Professor of History, talks about his new book, Orderly and Humane: The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War.
Date: 6/2012
total time: 6:36
Class of 2012 members share their memories and thanks
Seniors share some favorite memories from Colgate, and thank their professors, family and friends for the past four years.
Date: 5/2012
total time: 12:57
Students reflect on their time in Freiburg, Germany
Students from Colgate University talk about their experience studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany, and exploring other parts of German-speaking Europe.
Date: 5/2012
total time: 3:13
Colgate University's student-run radio station
Students keep the vibes going all semester long at WRCU, Colgate University's radio station.
Date: 5/2012
total time: 3:27
Colgate's student-run radio station WRCU -l
Students keep the vibes going all semester long at WRCU, Colgate University's radio station.
Date: 5/2012
total time: 3:27
Students, faculty and staff volunteer as firefighters
The Hamilton Fire Department has a devoted staff of volunteers, many of whom work and study at Colgate University.
Date: 5/2012
total time: 2:56
Flash mob on the quad
Student's celebrated the end of the year with a flash mob on the academic quad in front of Memorial Chapel.
Date: 5/2012
total time: 4:19
Vietnamese performance artist performs at Colgate University
An internationally known performance artist from Vietnam, Dao Anh Khanh is inspired by both Western and traditional Eastern art.
Date: 4/2012
total time: 1:56
Colgate celebrates Holi
Colgate celebrates Holi, a religious festival celebrated in the spring by Hindus around the world.
Date: 4/2012
total time: 1:58
Colgate celebrates Africana Women's Week
Colgate celebrates diversity during Africana Women's Week.
Date: 4/2012
total time: 2:34
Alumni Memorial Scholar program at Colgate
Each year, Colgate accepts 200 accepted students as Alumni Memorial Scholars. This recognition is the highest honor within the admission process.
Date: 4/2012
total time: 6:16
'Be the change' video project focuses on sexual assault
This video is intended to initiate conversations about sexual assault and to build and reinforce a community of zero tolerance.
Date: 4/2012
total time: 6:22
24-Hour Burn play festival
Teams of students wrote, rehearsed, directed and performed original plays in 24 hours.
Date: 3/2012
total time: 2:00
Cornel West gives a talk in Memorial Chapel
Cornel West, a Princeton University professor, challenged students to think for themselves, speaking on a range of topics from the economy to music, race to literature.
Date: 2/2012
total time: 02:04
President Jeffrey Herbst talks with Major Fernando Lujan
An excerpt from a longer conversation between President Herbst and Major Lujan. Lujan is a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and is a visiting fellow at the Center for a New American Security.
Date: 3/2012
total time: 1:50
ALANA sponsors trip to Martin Luther King Jr. site in D.C.
Students get to visit statue and meet with alumni from Washington, D.C., area.
Date: 2/2012
total time: 2:43
Colgate celebrates life of Martin Luther King Jr.
A wide range of events helps campus celebrate legacy of civil rights leader.
Date: 2/2012
total time: 3:29
University Pep Band helps promote school spirit
Student-run band jazzes up the crowd home and away.
Date: 2/2012
total time: 2:53
Spinning through the day raises money
Students, staff, and faculty participate in 12-hour event to raise money for the American Heart Association and Teddy's Team.
Date: 2/2012
total time: 2:13
Colgate welcomes Douglas A. Hicks as new provost
Hicks had spent the past 13 years at the University of Richmond, where he served as professor of leadership studies and religion.
Date: 2/2012
total time: 3:57
Colgate professor Padma Kaimal discusses the recent faculty trip to India
Colgate sent 27 faculty members to India from Dec. 30 Jan. 13 to enrich their work as teachers in the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum.
Date: 1/2012
total time: 7:11
Outdoor Education sponsors canoe trip to the Everglades
Students and staff members travel to the Florida Everglades for a seven-day canoe trip. They paddled through mangrove tunnels, the Gulf of Mexico and everywhere in between.
Date: 1/2012
total time: 5:14
Clifford Gallery showcases photographs on gender and sexuality
Photographers who comprise the new exhibit explore the fine line between gender and sexuality as it plays out in private and public.
Date: 12/2011
total time: 1:59
Chemistry class visits Hamilton Central School
First-year chemistry students visited a Hamilton Central School class to play board games they designed as part of their first- year seminar.
Date: 12/2011
total time: 2:30
Dancefest draws hundreds to Memorial Chapel
Dancefest 2011 proves again to be most popular student event on campus.
Date: 12/2011
total time: 2:45
Video feature on Chenango Water Exercise Group
Chenango Water Exercise Group (CWEG) was founded in 1981 by Mark Randall, a longtime Colgate coach and athletics administrator who passed away in 2004.
Date: 12/2011
total time: 2:36
Colgate's Albert Ammerman discusses politics of acqua alta
Albert Ammerman discusses the politics of acqua alta, high water, in Venice.
Date: 1/2012
total time: 4:15
Colgate professor Dan Epstein discusses elections in Russia
Colgate professor Dan Epstein discusses elections in Russia.
Date: 12/2011
total time: 4:20
Tim Byrnes 2012 Election
Colgate professor Timothy Byrnes discusses religion and politics in 2012
Date: 1/2012
total time: 05:55
Alumni Memorial Scholars program
Each year, Colgate accepts 200 accepted students as Alumni Memorial Scholars. This recognition is the highest honor within the admission process.
Date: 12/2011
total time: 1:49